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Palast, 21st day of Gildember, 432 AC
Fifth Watch rising 28
The Palanthas Herald

Hawkstones Pull Daring Daytime Robbery

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 6, 419 AC

Palanthas - This past Majetag, the Hawkstones pulled one of their most daring crimes in the robbing of Lord Tristan Kendrall's home. The Kendrall family, long known supporters of the Red Robes in the city, were the victims of a vicious robbery that left two City Guard members dead and several wounded. At this time many of the specifics of the attack are sketchy and the City Guard is doing its best to piece them together.

"The robbery was well planned and coordinated," City Guard Sergeant Ulric Liton said. "The Hawkstones knew exactly where we would be and took advantage of that. To gain access to Lord Kendrall's home, the Hawkstones had stolen a delivery wagon that was en route to the home."

Upon gaining entrance to Lord Kendrall's home the Hawkstones quickly subdued his house staff. The Lord himself was not at home and was away hunting with his retinue. A young stable boy, Relon uth Moltab, was able to escape and alert the City Guard and Golden Shield members in the area.

"The City Guard was the first to arrive on the area," Liton said. "The guardsmen were unaware of the number of Hawkstones who were in the house and the two members who arrived first were killed attempting to capture the thieves. It was after this we believe that they (the Hawkstones) panicked and began to flee, which resulted in a pursuit by both the City Guard and the shields."

Witnesses report that the City Guard and Golden Shield pursued the Hawkstones through the city as they left for the west side of New City. Along the way arrows and bolts were shot by both sides and a few times hand to hand combat erupted. Sergeant Liton reports that even though the city guardsmen and the shields continued the pursuit the Hawkstones were well prepared and managed to elude the pursuit.

"We are unsure at this time of what was taken," Liton said. "The Kendrall family has been reluctant to let us know what items were stolen. They have made it clear to us that this theft is a major blow to the wizardry community."

One servant, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to the Herald following the theft. According to the servant several magical items were taken. The item that seems to make Lord Kendrall the most distraught is an item that has been in his family for generations. This item was a smooth oval-shaped red rock. Any information the public may know about the theft can be given to Sergeant Liton or else contact Captain Brac Stosin of the Golden Shield.