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Majetag, 15th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 30
The Palanthas Herald

Senate Trims University Funding

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Deepkolt 27, 419 AC

Palanthas – The Senate has agreed to trim city funding of the University of Palanthas beginning at the midpoint of this year. The budget, originally put forward by Lord du Chagne, called for a 15% decrease in the city's annual donation to the school.

"To say I am disappointed is an understatement," Chancellor Trepallas told the Herald. "The importance of education is well documented. I thought I made this clear to them. I'm rather speechless right now."

The Senate released a public statement with the announced budget. "With spending at all time highs and security needs apparent, it is our opinion that the University of Palanthas can succeed in its mission by relying on income from tuition and donations in addition to the city's reduced contribution."

Many had opinions on the matter. "It's because of that Hiddukal woman they invited to come speak," said Mariannal Keelah, a local fish dealer. "What did you think would happen? I'm surprised they're getting anything at all now. Stupid move. Dumb!"

Brother Josev Halls of the Aesthetics said, "It's a shame. Having the University is one of Palanthas's great qualities. It deserves more support from us. Not less. Cut too much and it will leave the poorer sort out on the streets."

"Eh. I don't understand why we're wasting money with'um in the first place," said self-described 'gambler' Awin Devonshire. "If they're good at whatever they do there, people will pay them. Let'um run off of that. If they [are not good] at it, then no one shows up, they will [get no money], and they go home down a silver. Simple like that. Now as a taxpaying taxpayer, why should I, myself, meaning me, have pay for something I don't plan on using? It's like charging me a docking toll as soon as I wake up in the morning on the off-chance I happen to feel like sailing that day."

"It's a tough time," said Sergeant Dasis Cory of the City Guard. "I'm sure once the tower project is completed and the crime rate relaxes, money will become available. From time to time giving up a little bit of what we wish for is required. I'm sure it's temporary."

Currently the University faculty seems split on how to proceed. According to sources, some wish to make cutback in their own spending, others wish to try to increase private donations, and still more wish to petition the Senate to reconsider the current budget.