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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch rising 6
The Palanthas Herald

Requested Tax Break For Tower Area Development

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Deepkolt 20, 419 AC

Palanthas – Six businessmen have submitted a request to Lord du Chagne to receive business tax exemptions in return for starting a number of businesses on the north side of the High Clerist Tower.

Gil Stoneshield (164), spokesman for the group, states that he hopes to speak to city officials within the upcoming week. "Taxes are high right now, and considering what needs to be done in the city I agree with it. But we also see an opportunity for great growth near the High Clerist's Tower."

"The rebuilding of the structure is vitally important for the security of the city. But the spur connected to it shouldn't be the only stable shelter outside of the tower itself. What we propose is that a satellite town be built next to it, just north of the tower in order to keep the protection, but close enough to it so that those using the trade routes don't have to transverse all the way north through the mountains to get to the city or even Varus," said Stoneshield.

Included in the group is Stoneshield who is a brewer, a blacksmith, a carpenter, a horse cobbler, an innkeeper, and a general store operator. "We believe that with our skills, we have the start of what could be a small trade town. If we can get this deal through with du Chagne, which will give us added funding to help start the businesses and cushion us if this doesn't work, hopefully other adventurous business leaders will join us."

After the tax increases, the reconstruction of the High Clerist's Tower was given a large increase in funding from the city. Travel through the tower property has also increased dramatically compared to last year. Construction of an inn has been suggested by many entering the tower pass during later hours.

Two days after the request was submitted, city officials agreed to meet with the party. "I don't know about a full exemption, but the Lord has agreed that in the interest of securing growth near the High Clerist Tower, he will allow for negotiations for some incentives," said Senator Uth Fradeth.

Stoneshield later informed the Herald that he has been invited to meet with several senators in a week and a half. "This has the potential to be something very very good."