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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Murderous Minstrels Terrorize Southern Solamnia

by B'naa, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Deepkolt 13, 419 AC

Solamnia - Panic levels have been rising throughout Solamnia, this time over a travelling troupe of bards. While bards are not uncommon throughout the land, there seems to be a wave of deaths and disappearances following them.

The Knights of Solamnia have thus far been unable to locate this troupe, though they have turned to the Solamnic Auxiliary and the Church of Branchala for aid in this matter.

Solamnic Auxillary Mage Roxana Terron had this to say. "We believe, from the way the bodies were found, that we are dealing with a group of vampires, undead minions of the Black Goat. Some people still remain unaccounted for and unfortunately we have been unable to divine the fates of those missing."

The Church of Branchala also issued the following statement. 'The travelling bard is a traditional form of entertainment we would dearly like to protect. We ourselves have a long tradition of spreading the word of the Bard King in this fashion. Until this troupe has been located, we fear this great tradition is at risk. We therefore must advise all travelling bards in the region should be cleared by the Church of Branchala before they're allowed to perform. It saddens us to do this, but we must protect the people."

According to Solamnic Auxiliary Mage Terron the Murderous Minstrels, as the group of bards has been dubbed, has kept to the southern parts of Solamnia dealing death and striking fear into the hearts of citizens of Caergoth, Firstward and Port O' Call.