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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Cleric of Takhisis Heals!

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Deepkolt 6, 419 AC

Palanthas – The conclusion to the 'Dark Knight Four' trial ended in chaos when Lily-Ann Sojourner, self-proclaimed kender cleric of Takhisis, used magic to heal an injured Dark Knight after fighting erupted during sentencing.

As Magistrate Qerin pronounced the four guilty of assault but innocent of inciting riot, one of the court Guardmen recognized Lyber Blessed in the crowd outside the courtroom. Blessed, known Knight of Neraka and son of defendant Holan Blessed, was a citizen of Palanthas who was exiled after the Dark Knight occupiers were expunged from the city. When the younger Blessed resisted arrest, fighting broke out in the hall and quickly spilled into the courtroom during sentencing.

In the swordfight that occurred Blessed and two city Guardmen were injured. However, the hysteria increased when Sojourner got past the guards and placed her hands upon the bleeding Dark Knight. Two deep gut wounds and a gash on his upper left arm closed up completely. "Everybody knew who she was. We were all stunned. Then she put a hand to his cheek and said to him, almost with pity, 'Darkness rewards its own.' That's when they tried to grab her and everyone started running and screaming," said one witness.

By witness accounts, Blessed struck Sir Tor Hiltmore in the face as Sojourner was grabbed by Guardman Heyman Gallah. Sojourner then reportedly put her hand onto Gallah's arm and muttered something. Gallah yelled in pain and dropped the small kender who vanished into the crowd. Blessed was able to break away from Hiltmore before throwing himself through one of the courtroom windows.

"A complete mess. People fleeing. Guards trying to follow the villain into the neighboring alleyway. Minutes passed before we realized that two of the prisoners had escaped," said Hiltmore. Holan Blessed, Jessup Uth Dane, and Coralessa Sunray had gotten out of their shackles during the fight, but Sgt. Dasis Cory was able to apprehend Uth Dane before he could leave the room. Bernard Lessik, the fourth defendant, was found lying unconscious, still shackled.

Hiltmore said, "Sunray, Sojourner, and the Blesseds will be found. Their descriptions are being circulated as quickly as possible. Holan Blessed is 5' 9", black greying hair, brown eyes, wide shoulders, thick eyebrows, early forties. Lyber is 5' 11", dirty blond hair, brown eyes, thin frame, about twenty with a scar under his chin. Sunray is 5' 4", bright blond hair, blue eyes, forty years old, has a mother's waistline but facially seems to be a little elven. Sojourner is a kender, about 3' 10", mid-twenties, blue-black hair with a scar on her forehead. They should not be approached. If seen, contact the authorities immediately." When asked about the healing he said, "Obviously she can't be a cleric to Takhisis. The spells had to come from somewhere and not from a dead god. She's either a cleric of someone else or a mystic. Everyone needs to think this through before needlessly spreading panic."