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Misham, 17th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Early Watch falling 16
The Palanthas Herald

Tournament Held at High Clerist's Tower

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 30, 419 AC

High Clerist's Tower - Last week marked the return of tournaments to be held at the High Clerist's Tower. Not since before the Summer of Chaos has a tournament been held at the famous fortress. Events held included the Individual Joust, Passage of Arms, Fletcher's Flight, and Challenge of the Measure. Both the Passage of Arms and Fletcher's Flight events were open to all individuals.

"This tournament was a success," Knight of the Sword Sir Makem uth Holm said. "I couldn't believe the crowd that came to watch. They seemed in very high spirits. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate our magnificent tower."

One of the first contests to be held was the Fletcher's Flight. The Fletcher's Flight is a contest that tests one's prowess with a bow. This contest lets each contestant shoot 5 shots at a target 100 yards away. The contestant with the most shots on target and closest to target wins the Golden Bowman trophy. This year's winner was an adventurer from Crossing named Barlow Twist.

The second contest held was the Passage of Arms in which combatants face off in hand to hand combat. The first combatant, who scores five point, moves on to the next round in the tournament. Scoring occurs when either a combatant breaks an opponent's shield, for 2 points, or disarms him for 1 point. This year's final round included Sir Makem uth Holm and the dwarven engineer Ston Whitegranite. In the final round both men succeeded in breaking each other's shield at the same time. The tournament was considered a draw at the request of the two opponents.

In the Challenge of the Measure, knights of all rank and age squared off in their knowledge of the Measure. The rules of the event are simple, one must effectively argue a point by using the Measure as their guide. The event is judged by three senior knights, one of each order. Winning this years contest was Knight of the Rose, Sir Thomas Helgard.

In the final event held at the tournament, the joust proved to be the most watched. Hundred's of people crammed around the jousting ring to watch the knight joust. To win and move on this event a knight has to score five points. The scoring system followed the jousting rules set by Sir Gunthar uth Wistan. The winner of the joust was Knight of the Sword, Sir Elric Tonler.

At the conclusion of the tournament a ball and feast was held in a grand tent decorated to the occasion. Among those attending were Revered Daughter Clarissa Thurston, influential merchant Reghar Firehammer and Lady Selinda du Chagne.

"I had a really good time here," said Revered Daughter Thurston. "I am glad that the Senate just recently passed the Homeland Tax to help get this tower up and running again. I think all of the contestants and audience enjoyed themselves here."