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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Last Watch falling 7
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Rendleham Expedition Launch a Fiasco – Two Gnomes Dead

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 30, 419 AC

Mt Nevermind - Nearly a month after winning guild approval for his expedition to Southern Ergoth, Rendelsham XIV has vanished after the expedition launch failed miserably.

On Misham at Third Watch rising 1, Rendelsham and his crew boarded a vehicle that had been dubbed the Valiant Warrior: Mark I. The craft appeared to be a long metal arrow affixed with bat-like wings. The entire craft was sitting in the arm of a super-sized gnomeflinger. After the crew of the craft was aboard, the gnomeflinger was cranked into launch position. Moments later the arm of the device flung forward with tremendous speed and flung the Valiant Warrior high into the sky.

Seconds after take-off the rending of metal was heard. Shortly thereafter the wings of the Valiant Warrior came crashing to the ground; killing two gnomes, seriously wounding six others, and completely destroying the super-sized gnomeflinger.

Buzz Wedge, Head of the Aeronautics & Astronomers Guild, was on hand for the launch, as were several other members of the A&A Guild. "Rendelsham XIV recklessly endangered the lives of those on the ground with his blasted contraption," said Wedge. "I assure you there will be an investigation into this tragedy and assuming he survives the crash, I will personally see to it that he is stripped of his membership in the guild. After this fiasco, he'll never work in Mt. Nevermind again."

It is unknown what happened to the rest of the craft.