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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

'Dark Knight Four' Trial Begins

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 30, 419 AC

Palanthas – The trial of four alleged rioters and Dark Knight supporters Holan Blessed, Jessup Uth Dane, Bernard Lessik, and Coralessa Sunray got underway this week with testimony delivered by Capt. Jacov Riviere of the City Guard. The defendants, commonly referred to by the locals as the 'Dark Knight Four', are charged with inciting riot and assault late last year. Although none of the four are or were Dark Knights, all do have personal ties to the city's former occupiers.

Although the exact specifics to how the riot near the former site of the Shrine of Takhisis began could not be given by Riviere, details were filled in by sworn affidavits by several witnesses, including Magen Lomal (28) who last week pled guilty to charges of assault against the City Guard. As the week progressed many of the witnesses came forward to personally answer questions from Magistrate Qerin.

When questioned all four accused claimed that the riot was begun when an unnamed associate of Meline Bornar (46), a loyal housewife who confronted Blessed and the others near the shrine's former site, threw a punch at Blessed. Riviere stated the riot was likely caused by self-proclaimed kender Cleric of Takhisis Lily-Ann Sojourner (25) taunting the man. Charges against Sojourner were dropped soon after the riot due to lack of evidence.

City Guard testimony continued with Sgt. Dasis Cory, another witness to the riot. The only variation between Cory and Riviere's testimonies was in regards to the nature of the fighting that occurred. Riviere claimed that he saw no weapons being used in the fighting. Cory however states that a slash wound Sojourner received to her forehead could only had come from a blade or other sharp object. Cory did also clarify that he personally saw no weapons. Riviere himself admitted that due to his position outside of the gathering crowd, his view of the events was obstructed.

While before the Magistrate, Lomal stated that before he jumped into the already ensuing fight, he heard Blessed praise the dead dark god and then "prayed aloud for the Dark Queen to smite the unworthy before him." His written testimony mentions the praising of Takhisis, but the prayer for smiting is absent. Riviere later claimed this a mere oversight on the Guard's part but that the testimony was still consistent with his answers to the Magistrate.

Bornar and Sojourner are scheduled for questioning in this coming week along with three more involved in the fighting. It is expected that the trial will conclude soon after.

Outside the Palanthas Courthouse, security has grown tighter due to a number of Sojourner's 'faithful' protesting the Dark Knight Four's arrest. The group of fifty human and kender claims that the four were arrested solely for their connections to the Knights of Takhisis and not for any true guilt. In order to prevent further fighting, Sojourner's group has been sectioned off 100 feet away from the front doors to the building.