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Misham, 21st day of Darkember, 432 AC
Early Watch rising 15
The Palanthas Herald

Portrait of a Noblewoman

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 23, 419 AC

Palanthas - Lady Sarah Townright lives in in the Northern part of the Golden Estates, near the harbor. Her manor home that she has lived in for over 50 years is nothing spectacular but the inside is beautiful decorated. "I'm nobody special really," Lady Townright said. "In fact I am just a minor noble; I don't have any power really. My husband was the one who wielded power but when he did in the Chaos War, that dream died with him."

Lady Townright was married to Lord Thomas Townright more than 50 years ago. According to Lady Townright they lived a happy life and had three children, James, Julie and Toryn. Her life with her husband was a pleasant one and one she remembers fondly.

"He would bring me fresh cut daisies all of the time," Lady Townright said. "It would be a great big secret as he tried to sneak them into here and put them on my dresser. I would often see him enter but would play along. Oh how I miss those days."

With tears in her eyes the noblewoman explains how they raised their children and the bumps and bruises of their life. She goes on to explain how she found religion with Mishakal and worked at the temple. Then, as her voice trembles, she tells about the last time she saw her husband.

"It was a hot summer, that Summer of Chaos," Lady Townright said tearfully. "I can see him now standing there in the hall, his cloak in one hand and his sword in the other. He was telling me not to worry that he was going to the High Clerist's Tower to whip those Dark Knights and would be home in a week. Tom also told me not to worry because as long as he lived he would keep the evil away. With that he kissed me and turned and left. He never said good-bye, cause he felt that if he did he wasn't coming back."

Lord Thomas never returned, he died the day the High Clerist's Tower was overrun by the Dark Knights. Friends told Lady Townright that he fought valiantly holding back a score of Dark Knights so they could escape. After the war those friends who had been with the grieving noblewoman during that dark time stuck with her and fought for her to keep her property. Her son, James, took over running the estate outside the city when he was 16 to ensure that his mother would be taken care of.

"One of the last things Tom did was make James promise to look after me," Lady Townright said. "James had been my savior; he helped raise his two youngest sisters and helped me grieve over my husband."

Even at 71 Lady Townright still works at the Temple of Mishakal. Working with the poor and maimed has given her some sense of peace, but one that has lately been troubled by her longing to be with her husband.

"I can't wait to see him again," Lady Townright said.