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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Temple of Shinare Hosts Merchant Guild Conference

by JOSHUASIGEP44, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 16, 419 AC

Palanthas - The Shinare temple will be holding a seminar entitled "How to be better at your business" next Bracha. According to cleric Shinare Barish Demal members of all merchant guilds are encouraged to attend. When asked why the temple is sponsoring this seminar Barish was quick to reply "My brothers and I have noticed less and less traffic when we visit the market district. I believe this is the direct result of poor vendors, and I intend do my part to change that". The Shinare temple is posting flyers containing seminar information in the market district and all merchant halls. The contents of hat flyer can be read below.

How to be better at your business If you are, or want to be a person of influence... if strong and effective relationships would help make you even more successful... if you're a person looking for something more than just making ends meet...if you're interested in learning age old secrets that will double your profits inside a must attend the Shinare Temple's How to Be Better at your Business.

A glimpse at what will be covered:

The ins and outs of interpersonal communication
- Unbreakable laws of listening
- Simple guidelines for interacting with difficult customers
- The secret to speaking assertively while saying less
- The do's and don'ts of common communication etiquette
Timeless principles of leadership
- How to apply your walk, your talk, and your attitude to make yourself memorable to the public
- How to use written request to get time with the head of the merchant guild
- How to win loyalty from others... with more than your charm
- Tips for resolving conflict quickly (arguments are bad for business)
Building robust relationships for success
- Networking etiquette vs. protocol: Using polished communication to create successful relationships
- How to work any market with prestige and authority
- How to always convey power and conviction to the public
Managing guild meetings with enthusiasm
- How to be assertive and respected in guild meetings
- Understanding guild members and learn how to reach them
- How to deflect a personal attack with grace

For more information about this seminar please contact, Shinare cleric, Barish Demal.