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Kirinor, 16th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Last Watch rising 19
The Palanthas Herald

Hawkstones Attack Merchant Caravan

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 23, 419 AC

Palanthas - This week the Hawkstones attacks reached a new level when they attacked and massacred a caravan outside of the city. The Hawkstones attacks, which have steadily grown worse over the past few weeks, have primarily happened inisde the city limits. Those attacks often target single people or small groups. This latest attack was one of bold cunning and planned design that not only robbed the caravan but killed all who traveled with it.

"They hit the caravan hard and fast," Sergeant Ulric Liton said. "It almost seems that the Hawkstones had some inside help in knowing the caravan's strength. They seemed to hit the caravan at its weakest spot and quickly overwhelmed it. To our knowledge there are no survivors of this attack."

The attack took place barely two miles from the city. It occurred near daybreak and was unobserved by anyone in the city. From looking over the battle sight and studying what remains of the wagons and bodies the City Guard has concluded that the fight was brief and one sided. The authorities were unaware of the attack until local farmer, Tad Darison, reported it.

"It was gruesome," Darison said. "Just plain gruesome. The wagons were stripped bare and the bodies looked as if they had been hacked on. I was so scared that I ran all the way to town and told the City Guard about what I'd seen."

This is the first attack by the Hawkstones that has hit a target of this size. The attacks by this group seem so far to have little meaning and be completely random although the City Guard has found a clue at the site of the massacre that could shed some light into what the Hawkstones are after.

"It seems that this group is getting desperate," Liton said. "At the site of the caravan attack a message was found that must have been dropped. It stated that the "Hawkstones need to find the stones or they will face the wrath of their master." I am unsure of what these stones are but do not attempt to face this group alone."

Several parties have inquired into the matter and Liton went on to say that one of the parties had found information that might point to an arrest in the upcoming week. If anyone has any information or questions about the Hawkstones please contact the nearest City Guard patrol.