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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Riot Arrests Made

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 9, 419 AC

Palanthas – After several days of questioning, five people were arrested in connection to the fight that broke out near the remains of the destroyed Shrine of Takhisis. Holan Blessed (42), father and widower to Dark Knight occupiers, was the first of the five charged. Included in the list of crimes was 'inciting riot' and 'assault'. Rumor has it that the initial charges also included 'treason', but it has not been clarified as to whether the charge was dropped or if it was never listed to begin with.

Blessed was taken into custody at sunrise on the morning of the new year. The other four arrested: Magen Lomal (28), Jessup Uth Dane (45), Coralessa Sunray (40), and Bernard Lessik (38) were also arrested around the same time. Dane, Sunray, and Lessik are acquaintances of Blessed, also charged with identical offenses. Lomal allegedly joined the fight after the riot had already begun and allegedly assaulted a member of the City Guard.

Arresting officer, Capt. Jacov Riviere (39), stated that investigators arrived at the conclusion that Blessed instigated the riot against loyal citizens of Palanthas when he continued to proclaim support for the Dark Knights amongst a crowd of loyal supporters. "The laws that prevent a kender from causing a riot through taunting also apply to any other race," Riviere stated. "Trying to anger a known loyal crowd of people by proclaiming such offensive and inciteful statements... it can only be done by someone who wants a fight to erupt."

Meline Bornar (46), one of the assaulted, stated, "I am glad that traitor has been put away. Too many of us suffered under that horrific rule. I can only hope more arrests are made and everyone's lives can return to normal."

Some though are unhappy with the arrests. Lily-Ann Sojourner (24), a kender claiming to be a cleric of Takhisis, shifted her protest's cause from the shrine's destruction to the arrests. "I told the Guard that it was Mrs. Bornar's friend who began the fight, but they ignored everything I said. I really should stop being surprised at the incompetence of the authorities here. This is a perfect example. There was no real investigation. They just arrest those who criticized them." Sojourner was taken into custody for supposedly starting the riot by taunting Bornar's group. She was later released on lack of evidence.

"She is free to say and criticize what she wants so long as she is not inciting riot or other criminal activity," Riviere informed the Herald. "But I assure everyone that proper care was done during the investigative phase of this case. We are now sure of the facts, and we believe that convictions will be made. Beyond that, however, I cannot get into more detail since those detained are now being processed."