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Majetag, 12th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Afterwatch Hour rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Senate Issues City Defense Findings

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 9, 419 AC

Palanthas - It has now been several weeks now since the Senate initially inspected the city's defense systems. Even after they released their official report stating the defenses were "lacking" not much has been changed to improve the situation. After last week's protests from several groups of citizens and with the recent attacks by the socalled "Hawkstones" the Senate came together early this week for a special session.

"The Senate has a formal announcement to make," stated Senator Tolbin Mauryan. "The Senate has deemed that the defense of the city is a top priority. We have undergone a huge transition and are still struggling to recover from the Dark Knight occupation. The city as a whole must do the following to ensure our livelihood. First we need to continue to finance the building of the High Clerist's Tower. Second we must add a second division to the Golden Shield. Third the city needs to increase its protection of individual citizens bandit organizations such as the "Hawkstones". To do that we will be seeking outside help any questions on that will be answered by the City Watch. Finally the city needs its citizens to keep an eye on each other and inform the City Watch of suspicious activities or events taking place."

Senator Mauryan went on to explain that the funding for the High Clerist's Tower restoration would come from a new tax called the Homeland Tax. The tax would target the citizens of Palanthas and place a special tax on every building in the city. Also Senator Mauryan explained that the second unit in the Golden Shield would be specifically trained to fight in the dock area and oversee the evacuation of it.

Several citizens of Palanthas appeared angered and visibly upset by the announcement. Many of them left shortly after, not listening to the City Watch's plea for help. Several of the citizens attending felt that nothing good had come from the Senate's message.

"It's great we are rebuilding the (High Clerist's) Tower but why does it have to come from my pocket," complained citizen Strom Tolp. "I pay my taxes and barely make it and now I have to pay more taxes on where I live. The Senate has bigger problems right now that they aren't taking care of. Look at those Hawkstones, my brother Ed last night was robbed and beaten by them."