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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Revered Daughter of Paladine Advocates For Temple of Takhisis

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 9, 419 AC

PALANTHAS – After recent protests and riots centered around the destruction of the Shrine of Takhisis, the City Senate voted yesterday on what should be done with the Temple of Takhisis in the Temple District.

"It's obvious that our citizenry isn't as enlightened as I had once thought," temple priest Kryon Darkwind said. "They tore down the Shrine of Takhisis without provocation. Though it may not have met well with everyone's sensibilities, there are those who appreciated it. Even kender."

Darkwind's words were met with harsh criticism from the Knights of Solamnia. Darius uth Draegen, a Knight of the Sword, had this rebuttal.

"Of course Darkwind says that! He's a cleric of a god of lies and treachery! I'm sure he was all too excited when his Dark Queen's troops controlled the city. We are no longer under her thumb. We are free to make our own choices, including taking down a monument to a dead god who did nothing but oppress the good citizenry of Palanthas."

The City Senate debated for hours yesterday on the subject of what should be done with the Temple of Takhisis. Many advocated destroying the temple, while others stated that it was not their place to take control of it. Still others advocated that it could be put to better use and that eminent domain laws allowed Palanthas to do with it as the City Senate saw fit.

In a surprising move, Revered Daughter Clarissa Thurston entered the proceedings unannounced, asking for an audience. The aged cleric was granted the audience and spoke at the proceedings.

"Good citizens of Palanthas, recent events in our city has caused a great rift amongst us. We have been a people subjugated, yes, but we must not take out our anger on those not responsible for the occupation. Our oppressors were the Knights of Neraka, not the clerics of Takhisis."

"The Law of Gilean states that there will be the freedom to choose between the paths of good, neutrality, and even evil. We are all children of the gods, and we have traditionally honored all the gods in our Temple District, even Takhisis. Though she is gone, we should not succumb to urges to tear the temple down. It is a living, breathing part of our history. Though you and I may not care for it, there are those who do. We would be remiss if we decided to impose our own will on others, and deny them of their free will."

"Therefore, I propose that the Temple of Takhisis remain, and that it be used not only as a place of worship for those who wish to do so, but as a monument to the fallen Queen of Darkness."

After Thurston's words, the City Senate unanimously agreed to this measure. The temple has now been declared an historical landmark, as has Paladine's Temple, the smaller temple to the Lord of Light. Relics of the Shrine of Takhisis have been transported to the temple, including the only remaining dragon head that is still intact.