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Linaras, 13th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Eleventh Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Fighting Erupts Over Nerakan Occupation

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 2, 419 AC

Palanthas - As the new year approaches, the promise of peace in the upcoming year appears dubious. Blood was spilled on the streets near the site of the destroyed temple to Takhisis when a fight broke out between supporters of the now expunged dark knights and some of the loyal populous.

"What is wrong with these people?" asked Meline Bornar (46), one of the wounded victims. "For most of our lives we were slaves to these fools and brutes. Now that the forces of light and good have come, they want to put themselves and us into darkness again. It's insane! They are nothing but traitorous barbarians!"

Holan Blessed (42), who supported the Nerakan occupation, states differently. "Both my wife and son were born in this city, and both believed in the knights and enlisted freely. My wife was killed during the Solamnic invasion, and my son was forced out of the city. If the current occupiers claim to love freedom, why can't I voice my thoughts without being attacked?" City records show Lyber Blessed (19) elected not to quit the Nerakan knights when the offer was given to the surviving Palanthians to either leave the knighthood or face exile or arrest.

Lily-Ann Sojourner (24), a self-proclaimed kender cleric of Takhisis, suffered a slash wound to her forehead in the fight, which involved about eighty people. "I was speaking with Mr. Blessed, who was thanking me for my kind words about the knighthood published in the Herald a few weeks ago. Then Mrs. Bornar and others came to provoke us into initiating violence against them. When that did not work, an unknown friend of Bornar threw a punch at Mr. Blessed." Sojourner was released from lock-up this morning with no charges filed.

The City Guard was initially outnumbered when the brawling occurred, and was not effective in quickly putting the fight down. "There was nothing we could do," reported Sergeant Dasis Cory (30), "There were over a dozen of us posted here. But Ms. Sojourner's group had swelled in numbers over the weeks, probably in part due to the reported sightings of the Shadow Sorcerer and the Tower at the grove nearby. Another dozen arrived with Mr. Blessed, and I'd say maybe another twenty with Mrs. Bornar. And after the fighting began, others jumped into the fray. For what reason, I can't understand."

Bornar claims that the fight was started by Sojourner herself. "We threw the first punch only because that mentally addled kender began to taunt us. Luckily the local authorities recognized that as a provocation and arrested her." However, since Sojourner did not actually participate in the fighting itself, she was released with a warning. Both Sojourner and Blessed claim no such 'kender taunts' were used before the chaos began.

Jacov Riviere of the Guard (39), states, "We're investigating this now. When we get the stories cleaned up, you can believe we're going to be making arrests."