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Majetag, 12th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Eighth Watch rising 28
The Palanthas Herald

Solar Eclipse Next Year

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 26, 418 AC

Palanthas – According to two representatives of the Towers of High Sorcery, the widely unseen celestial body of Nuitari will be passing in front of the sun towards the end of Deepkolt early next year. However don't expect to be able to see it, at least in Palanthas.

"Nuitari is so small and close to Krynn," relayed Jenner Brace of the Black Robes (49), "that the shadow will only be cast upon very a small strip of Ansalon. If you are not in the right spot at the proper time, then the moon will not be between you and the sun. Picture a blot of darkness appearing on Ansalon, arc across the land, and then vanishing again."

However, it seems that many people even within the path of the shadow still won't notice the event. "Nuitari can only blot out so much of the light from the sun due to their respective sizes," said Letisha Jewitt of the Red Robes (28). "It's like holding a spoon directly up in front of a raging bonfire and asking someone ten yards in front of you to try to see it. You'll just burn your eyes from..."

"Not," interrupted Brace, "to that extreme, I am sure. But this eclipse is not something overly noticeable."

Over the years, stories of how wizardry powers are tied to the phases of the moons have become very well known. The most famous eclipsing event, The Night of the Eye, is said to be when Wizards are at their strongest.

"Not all eclipses give us benefits," said Jewitt. "When Krynn casts a shadow onto Lunitari, for example, it doesn't interfere or benefit the Red Order at all. But solar eclipses are much rarer. This is the first opportunity since the return of the moons to examine the effects. Plus it's apparently a different sun that will be eclipsed. Maybe something new can be recorded, or... maybe not. Technically, Nuitari will be in its New Moon phase, when the Black Robes are at their weakest. Some of us theorize the magic for the Black Order will be even weaker. Others think that some light will brush by the moon and carry even more power down to Krynn, at least more than the New Moon would." She continued to explain, "With so many of the older records lost due to neglect since the start of the Age, we don't know what to expect."

"Due to Nuitari's fast movement," said Brace. "The eclipse will be relatively fast. Maybe two hours, if one were to move along with the shadow. The shadow will first appear in the stretch of the Northern Waste by Thoradin Bay or in the bay itself. Then it will sweep in an arcing fashion east and then north to just south of North Keep before disappearing off the coastline."

When asked how the exact path of the shadow was known ahead of time, Jewitt smiled pleasantly. "Jenner has it on very good authority."