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Kirinor, 13th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch falling 15
The Palanthas Herald

High Clerist's Tower Repairs - Slow But Steady

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 26, 418 AC

High Clerist's Tower: Very few people of Palanthas remember the High Clerist's Tower in its prime. Most of the newer generations of Palanthanians have grown up with the tower being in ruin, abandoned. To some it seems that the city has forgotten the most important role of the tower; its defense. There is a group of people though that is trying to rebuild the tower. One of these people is Dwarven Chief Engineer Ston Whitegranite who is overseeing the rebuilding. This week the Herald had the chance to catch up with Ston at the tower.

Herald: Can you tell us exactly what the status of the tower is?

Ston: Well to be honest it's not good. It's in bad shape in several areas. Even though cosmetically the tower looks ok in areas, it's not safe. Several of these areas have been greatly weakened through neglect and the weather since it was abandoned.

Herald: Would the tower be able to be used in case the city was attacked?

Ston: The tower for the most part needs a lot of work. Right now my crew is concentrating on the Knight's Spur and reshoring those walls. There are several weakened areas that need to be strengthened.

Herald: Can you tell us what the Knight's Spur is?

Ston: The Knight's Spur is the only part that was manned during the War of the Lance. It is the wall that connects the main tower to the mountain. In effect it's the defensive part of the tower.

Herald: A project of this size must require a lot of manpower.

Ston: A project of this size does require quite a lot of manpower. Right now I brought my crew of 20 from Garnet to assist me. We have also hired 15 additional people. To be truthful though we need a couple of hundred people working here restoring the tower. Like I said we're concentrating on the Knight's Spur and haven't even touched the rest of the structure.

Herald: Who is providing the money for this project?

Ston: Well the Solamnics and Palanthas originally agreed to pay for the restoration. They both saw the need of the tower in the city's defense plans. At first they were pretty good about working together and sending us money. For the first two months we were here I received enough money and supplies to keep us going with my present size crew for six months. The problem is though I haven't seen any more money since then. I'm getting close to the end of the money.

Herald: What will happen if you run out of money?

Ston: If we run out of money then this project will be put on hold until someone can afford it. The city had thought of a way of raising funds but it was unethical. You can't tax those who come from outside of the city for the defense of it. Flat out this project is underfunded.