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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 19
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Knights of Solamnia Return to High Clerist's Tower

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Newkolt 2, 419 AC

High Clerist's Tower - Earlier this week the Knights of Solamnia returned to the High Clerist's Tower. Even though the group that arrived there this week was small in number they were large in heart. The main mission of this group of Knights will be to guard the tombs under the tower.

"These tombs are places of honor," stated Knight of the Sword, Sir Makem uth Holm. "They need to be treated as such. It was a shame and disgrace that these tombs have been left unattended for all of these years. One of our first priorities will be to clean the debris out of these tombs and to make sure the bodies are undisturbed."

The tombs that are below the High Clerist's Tower are home to many of the tower's defenders who perished during the War of the Lance. Its catacombs are sacred to the knightly order who have guarded it until the tower's fall to the Dark Knights. The Dark Knights did not control the tower for long before they were told to vacate by the Dragon Overlord Khellondros.

Recently with the death of the Dragon Overlord, the knights have attempted to re-establish themselves at the tower. The first group to arrive at the tower were not the knights but an engineering crew hired by the Knighthood and the city of Palanthas to oversee the repairing of the tower. That crew has been hard at work for nearly six months now.

The Knights of Solamnia officially returned to the tower this week, creating their own separate camp. They have busied themselves with cleaning of the catacombs and keeping an honor guard to prevent any outsiders from desecrating the tombs.

"Our biggest problem right now is gully dwarves," said Sir Makem. "We only have twenty Knights posted here at the moment. It seems that these little beasts have moved into the tower and been living here for years. They have ruined many of the interiors and were using certain areas of the catacombs as a refuse pile. We have contained those beasts and are going to force them to move."

Several of the engineers have tried to convince the gully dwarves to leave but the gully dwarves do not seem to be willing to move. They moved in shortly after the tower was abandoned and made it their home. Today the tower is estimated to have over 200 gully dwarves living in parts of it. Gully dwarves are not the only problem people are encountering at the tower.

"It seems that several of the lads have reported ghosts," told Chief Engineer Ston Whitegranite. "Sometimes they're just a brief image and sometimes they are as real as you are standing in front of me. There have been some strange stories and more then one of us has seen a bearded man wearing a ranger's outfit in the courtyard walking. It's freaky but you learn to adjust to it quickly."