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Misham, 21st day of Darkember, 432 AC
Early Watch falling 9
The Palanthas Herald

Citizens Attacked by Hawkstones

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 26, 418 AC

Palanthas - The City Watch today issued a warning for all citizens traveling around and outside of Palanthas. The warning states that citizens must take extra precautions while traveling at night and stay wary of any men wearing feathered masks. It seems that these men have accosted travelers and citizens at night relieving them of their possessions.

These men have approached individuals or small parties and asked them for directions. If a person stops and responds that person is immediately surrounded and robbed. So far several citizens have reported contact with these men who call themselves the Hawkstones.

"So far we don't have any leads," said City Watch guardsman, Ulric Liton. "We are trying to patrol the areas that we believe are most likely to be attacked. It seems though that that they know where we patrol and attack areas which are not patrolled. We lack manpower to protect the entire city at night from this group of thieves and we urge citizens to take extra precautions. Also we have placed a 50 steel reward for the capture of these individuals."

Several of the citizens in the city are worried about their safety. The thieves never strike the same area twice, and target any individual no matter who they are. So far no one has been able to give an accurate description of the men, but only that they are heavily robed and wearing masks covered in bird's fathers.

"They speak so raspy it's hard to understand them," said robbed citizen Telron Linor. "Before I knew it they had me surrounded and were stripping me of all my possessions. I couldn't even fight back. They were so quick. The only thing that I really remember is one of them saying to me 'remember the Hawkstones old man, we spare you tonight'. I don't know what they meant but they didn't spare me anything, not even my shirt."

Several citizens have started to carry weapons as a means of protecting themselves. The City Watch urges citizens to lock their doors at night to prevent possible intruders.

"It is unknown what the Hawkstones are seeking but if you encounter these individuals please do not attempt to take them on yourselves," said Liton. "If at all possible stay off the streets at night and leave your valuables at home. The city is looking into hiring some individuals as a temporary solution to the situation right now. Any individuals interested should contact me at City Watch Headquarters."