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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Darkwatch rising 3
The Palanthas Herald

Dark Queen Praised by Kender

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 19, 418 AC

Palanthas - Although the idea of people worshipping the deceased deity is to be somewhat expected, one group of faithful to appear was not. Lily-Ann Sojourner (24) and fifteen other kender came to Palanthas to pay respects to Takhisis at the local temple. "She pulled Krynn away from Chaos, preventing it from being submerged into Oblivion. Without her, Chaos would have continued until all gods and mortals were dead."

Sojourner led the congregation to here in order to kneel before the altar at the local temple. However the shrine was recently destroyed during rioting.

"I felt sick. It seems that people just want my faith to be washed away, like I don't have a right to worship. The Dark Queen was responsible for the death of Malys, our greatest threat and the destroyer of my mother's homeland. But I shouldn't be surprised about actions taken by the corrupted church of Kiri-Jolith and the occupiers from Solamnia."

When reminded that the Dark Knights originally forced an occupation decades ago, she said, "The Knights of Takhisis had been here for two generations. Many of those so-called occupiers were the sons and daughters of Palanthas. But I won't be forced into debates of politic. I want the shrine restored and restitutions given."

Stranger still is that not all within the congregation are 'afflicted'. Bangleheights Fieldhopper (30-ish) along with four other traditional kender, said they were looking forward to seeing the shrine.

"We thought it would be great, especially with how Lily-Ann keeps going on about this queen," said 'Bang'. "She explained how Takhisis didn't really steal Krynn. She was just keeping it safe while the other gods were fighting. I can understand. Some guy I ran into thought the same thing when I was actually protecting his wife's bracelet. I mean, I've guarded people's things before, but if Takhisis was trying to protect the whole world, then she 'must' be good."

Sojourner has been attempting to start a church in Hylo ever since she herself found faith after the war. She claims thirty members to the church. "She wanted a statue built to Takhisis in my hometown," said Bang. "We thought it would be great. Unfortunately she withdrew the request when we couldn't agree how many heads the dragon should have."

"She is my god, and this is my faith," said Sojourner. "If people think my queen will be forgotten, they are sorely mistaken."

When asked about the idea of worshipping a dead god, she responded, "She's immortal, and she's a being of worship. So long as I believe, how can my queen truly die? Let others worship gods to get spells or cheap healing tricks. I worship because it is where my heart points."

Jacov Riviere (39), member of the City Guard keeping an eye on Sojourner's group as they protest outside the destroyed shrine's site, only had one comment. "She's a kender, and she's in denial. What else is there to say?"