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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 1
The Palanthas Herald

Details of Flotsam Delegation Released

by Raistlin's Khellspawn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 12, 418 AC

Palanthas - Recent news of the Flotsam delegation (as it is unofficially called) sparked uproar several weeks ago. Now vital details have been released to the Palanthas Herald from the Lord Regent, Bakkard du Chagne, who made a speech describing the delegation to the Senate yesterday.

The delegation from Flotsam and the surrounding lands will include:
- His Excellency Lord Toede
- High Chancellor Edmund Ravensdane
- Chief Court Historian Ralph Bunnison
- Chief Librarian Dameran Renderson
- Kender Chieftan Kronin Thistleknott and his daughters Taywin and Paxina
- Swarka, Gnoll Overlord and five honor guards
- Four minotaur representatives (two from Mithas, two from Kothas)
- Lord Rogate the Charismatic and twenty Toedaic Knights of high rank
- General Entourage (including Horoag, legendary chef and son of Groag, former second-in-command of Lord Toede), consisting of around thirty people

The delegation will take a small fleet from Flotsam around Endscape to the sea of Miremier, where they will dock in Hangman Harbor. The delegation will then follow the roads through to Robann, then to Teyr, then to Kalaman. The delegation will then sail around the Northern Wastes and approach Palanthas from the Bay of Branchala.

The Lord Regent also delivered the surprising news: that not only will the Eastern Delegation stay for Yule, they have also already left Flotsam and should arrive within a week. Apparently, the Lord Regent communicated with Lord Toede using a magical device that let them talk face to face.

The Lord Regent also mentioned that he wanted to impress the Eastern Delegation, and, if negotiations went well, he would push for a new, overland trade route to be built with Flotsam, going through Kalaman and Teyr as well. He also hoped that Lord Toede would sign a treaty with Palanthas, Kalaman, Solanthus, Garnet, North Keep, Teyr, and Sanction, to form a new Confederation of Northern Cities, an innovation never before presented before Ansalon.

This message caused chaos when released to the city. "This should have been brought to the Senate before it was accepted!" an outraged Lord Pilivan Sasmere declared from his manor. "Furthermore, the Lord Regent did not have the right to bring forth a new unification plan without the participation of the Senate! I had no idea such a plan was even in process!"

The Knights of Solamnia are also surprised by the suddenness of this address. "We were not completely ready for this," stated Sir Damion Guerman, Knight of the Rose, from Solanthus. "The Lord Knights did not inform me that they were building a new union between the cities, and I certainly wasn't expecting the Flotsam Delegation to be arriving so soon. I am leaving for Flotsam tomorrow with a contigent of troops, so we can maintain order in Palanthas over the holiday season, a season that I was never expecting to be so insane."

The Eastern Delegation will likely be arriving in Palanthas next Palast in the morning.