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Palast, 18th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Late Watch falling 12
The Palanthas Herald

Public Reacts as Port Authority Considers Docking Fee Increase

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 5, 418 AC

Palanthas - The Port Authority begins deliberations this week on the possibility of raising docking fees. According to the Port Authority, docking fees will be used for repairs to an aging dock. Reactions to the proposed increase has been met with differing reactions.

Argo Maleth is captain of Sara's Star, a merchant vessel. "They haven't a clue what we captains go through. Already, the regulations are quite complex and we're already paying a hefty fee. Now they want more?"

The majority of detractors of the proposed docking fee increase are captains like Argo Maleth. Proponents of the measure are typically dock workers. Already working long hours with outdated and damaged equipment, there has been a welcoming response.

"It's about bloody time," Meredith Clearwater, a local dock worker said. "The other day, I saw the dock give way under old Mel. We had to fish him out in a hurry before the Parlator docked. Then when she did dock, the wood gave way again under the weight of the gangplank!"

The local dock union has lodged a protest with the Port Authority, citing a dock increase from 415 AC which reportedly was never used to fix the docks.

"It's crazy," Quaren Feldor, a local dock worker said. "I'm all for the docks being fixed, but I don't have faith in the Port Authority to get it done. They had their chance a few years back, and we never saw a steel of that money. Where did it go? Probably to old Kinsaid's coffers, I imagine."

Port Authority officials have declined to comment at this time on the status of the proposed dock fee increase.