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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Emma Xela: Academy Remembered

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 21, 418 AC

SOLACE – The destruction of the Academy of Sorcery a few years back was a major blow for those who study the arcane art of wild sorcery. In its prime, it was the premiere academy for sorcerers, generating several talented individuals.

One of those individuals was Emma Xela. The Herald ran across her in Solace recently, paying her respects to her old alma mater. We caught up with her at the Inn of the Last Home, sipping on some hot tea and eating some famous Otik's Spiced Potatoes.

Herald: Emma, is this the first time you've visited the Academy ruins?

Emma: No. I grew up here in Solace and this is where I live. I was out of town the day the Academy was attacked and Palin was captured. I came back to find my life shattered. I come to the ruins every once in a while as a reminder of all that we accomplished in such a short time.

Herald: What was life like at the Academy?

Emma: It was wonderful. I've never experienced such an environment of learning and discovery.

Herald: You're hailed as one of the most talented students from Palin's school. Gaining entrance must have been easy.

Emma: Not at all! In fact, I was turned down when I first applied! (laughs)

Herald: Surely not.

Emma: Oh, it's true! I had known Palin for several years. Truth be told, I had sort of a schoolgirl crush on him. He looked so sad when he told me I didn't make it. Eventually, I kept trying and finally made it in – barely.

Herald: So how did you come by your reputation as being such a talented sorceress? Did your teachers enjoy having you in class?

Emma: My teachers hated me! (laughs) I was always pestering them, asking questions constantly. They got so flustered with me. Palin, though...he had to hide a smile. The problem the teachers had at the time was that they based magical theory on older methods, based on the teachings of wizards. You just can't approach sorcery like that. It's more of an art than a science. It's very intuitive. I theorized that sorcerous magic wasn't split along the lines of the realms of sorcery, but was more like a single energy source that took different forms. Now that sorcery is back at its full power, I know that I'm right. I'm able to do more now than ever.

Herald: It sounds like you miss the environment.

Emma: Immensely.

Herald: Have you thought about opening your own academy?

Emma: (smiling) In fact, I have. I talked to Palin (okay, I begged him!) and he doesn't want to get involved in magic again. I can't say that I blame him. He encouraged me to pursue the idea of starting a new academy. I've been doing some study, and I think I've come across the perfect locale – Palanthas.

Herald: Our home town! Why there, though?

Emma: Palanthas is a fairly metropolitan town. They're open to all sorts of new ideas. They're used to magic, though it was the cursed Tower of High Sorcery. I want to demonstrate that magic can be a good thing.

Herald: Do you worry about the Wizards of High Sorcery?

Emma: They are a concern, yes. My intent isn't to challenge them or anything. I just want to teach sorcerers how to use their magic responsibly, and to provide an alternate school of thought. They can't fault me for that. I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when it comes up.