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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 11
The Palanthas Herald

Senate Reaches Agreement on Gate Tax

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 28, 418 AC

Palanthas - The Senate this morning has released a statement concerning the Gate Tax. The Gate Tax which has been highly controversial and which has triggered several outbreaks of violence was reviewed this week by the Senate in an attempt to end the violence.

"I know we are accused of this violence," told Garnet Mining Co. spokesperson Reghar Firehammer. "But truthfully we have not done anything to disrupt trade in the city. The only thing that disrupts the trade is this blasted Gate Tax. Look at the markets there are nearly empty. Nobody can make much of a profit unless it's a festival or holiday now."

Several other merchants and citizens from the city agreed with Firehammer's statement and reported to the Senate how the lack of non-Palanthian merchants has hurt the city. Many of these people cited that not only did they lose business the merchants brought to them but several of them are unable to find items they need.

"This morning I realized I wanted Solace apples," said citizen Tarl Wheelswright. "I went to the markets and found just a few merchants and none of them sold apples. This Gate Tax hurts not only those merchants but people like me who want their goods. If I really wanted to buy from the city's merchants I would."

The Senate listened to the arguments from Palanthas's Merchants Guild. They argued that the merchants in the market are not needed for the economy.

"What we need is for our own merchants to succeed," declared Palanthian Merchant Guild representative Thomas Swordsbright. "Why are we concerned about outside merchants when we have merchants here who struggle to survive? Why should we give into these people who not only steal money from our pockets but burn our shops down as well?"

The Senate reached an agreement with both sides early this morning after much debate. In its ruling the Senate ruled that the Gate Tax would only be in effect for festivals and holidays. They ruled that merchants from outside still would make a fair profit and that the city merchant's wouldn't feel that they are the only ones taxed for the defense of the city.

Also the Senate allowed a new charter for the creation of a new guild. The new guild will be called the Market Merchant Guild. The guild's main purpose will be to work together with the Palanthian Merchant Guild to help promote the agendas of all the merchants in the city. Reghar Firehammer was announced as the guild leader and will decide upon a guild council.

"This is great news for all us merchants who operate in the market," stated Firehammer this morning. "Now those Non-Palanthian merchants who continually return to Palanthas will have a guild of their own to work with. No more being at the mercy of the Palanthas Merchant Guild's and their decrees."