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Misham, 21st day of Darkember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Mysterious Fires Burn in Palanthas

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 21, 418 AC

Palanthas - Two mysterious fires this week sparked debate across Palanthas as to the cause of them. One of the fires started in the Labyrinth and destroyed around 10 wagons. The other fire took place at one of Palanthas's most renowned blacksmith shops owned by Daerion Ei Klioro. The shop received severe damage to its smithy work area and could prevent the first shipment of weapons from reaching the Knights of Solamnia on time.

"These fires are both under investigation by the city watch," reported city guard official Ral uth Ditonair. "They both are mysterious but the market fire was probably caused by sewer gas leaking out of the ground. The blacksmith shop was undoubtedly arson."

Many of the merchants in the market have other thoughts about the idea of sewer gas leaking up into the market. To several of them it appeared that the fire was deliberate and the wagons that were burned were all in the same area. Also several of the wagons that were saved had a mysterious substance on their wheels.

"How in the world do you blame sewer gas for this black tar like substance," demanded Garnet Mining Co. spokesperson Reghar Firehammer. "When was the last time something like this happened anywhere? I believe that this fire was no accident and it was a deliberate attempt to make the lives of Non-Palanthian merchants even more uncomfortable. I know they are blaming us for the smithy fire."

The fire Firehammer refers to is the fire that destroyed a large portion of Klioro's Smith Shop. The fire was apparently caused by oily rags left near a pile of hay. A spark apparently blew out of the flume of the forge and into the rags igniting them quickly it spread to the rest of the building.

"It is unfortunate timing for the accident," stated Klioro. "It couldn't have happened at a worse time. Accidents do happen, even though I am not sure how a spark would fly from the forge to where we keep the hay."

Others do not share Klioro's feelings toward the accident. Many merchants now feel threatened that Klioro's fire is only going to be the first of several such attempts. A few of these merchants are talking about adding extra security to prevent other occurrences of this nature.

"Many of our merchants this morning came here and asked for help," reported Palanthas Merchant Guild representative Thomas Swordsbright. "They also want to know if they should be concerned about the message Reghar Firehammer sent last week stating that they would pay for this. A lot of them feel that Firehammer has something to do with the fire that destroyed most of Klioro's shop."

Most merchants in Palanthas carried on business as usual this week despite the light protesting from the Garnet Mining Co. and other non-Palanthian trading guilds. For those merchants whose merchandise was destroyed by the market fire there has been an offer by Firehammer to help pay for those lost goods.