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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 23
The Palanthas Herald

City Guard Raids Waterfront Warehouse

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 14, 418 AC

Palanthas - On Bracha, the City Guard launched a raid against a warehouse in the Public Harbor. Said warehouse has long been suspected as being the headquarters for a faction of the Thieves' Guild and yesterday those suspicions were apparently confirmed. When the Herald's reporter arrived at the scene, soldiers from the City Watch were escorting several individuals from the warehouse away, each prisoner in manacles.

Watch Captain Bent Grawfellow would not comment on the exact reason for this raid although he did confirm that it was tied to the Thieves' Guild. "We have suspected this warehouse of being a meeting place for several high-ranking members of the Palanthian criminal world for quite some time and now seemed like the perfect time to strike. We consider the raid to be a huge success for us in our efforts to bring organized crime to an end and restore law and order to Palanthas."

Also escorted from the scene under heavy guard was Sir Gheldon Wealand, a former Dark Knight commander were in charge of the patrolling of the waterfront for years during the Dark Knight occupation. Sir Wealand is known as a ruthless man who never hesitated when it came to handing out physical both to civilians and to his own men. It was rumored that Sir Wealand put a lot of the revenue from taxes into his own pockets and he was often seen in the company of some of Palanthas' shady personalities.

The Herald has learned that the warehouse belongs to a Romanon Greensky, a successful wine grower who profited much from the Dark Knight occupation and who was rumored to have been in league with the occupying force. The City Watch is now searching for the merchant and his family but so far they have only managed to arrest one of his daughters.

In light of these developments it seems likely that an alliance between Dark Knights and the local Thieves' Guild exists in some form. Rumors of such an alliance have circulated before but now there finally seems to be some clear evidence behind it. The exact nature of the alliance and what this means to the citizens of Palanthas is not quite clear yet, but this brings new light to the recent murders on Nobles' Hill where two staunch supporters of the liberation of the city were assassinated.