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Kirinor, 16th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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Citadel of Light Offers Health Screenings

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 17, 418 AC

Schallsea - The Citadel of Light has announced today that it will open its doors not only to those seeking spiritual enlightenment, but also to those who wish to check their health.

"We realized that we need to be proactive in our approach to health. With the return of Morgion to the world, diseases have picked up at an incredible pace. We expect the worst flu season in the last 40 years to hit," Citadel of Light co-administrator Cassandra Renay said.

"Though I worry that some will try to take advantage of our kindness, I think that our proactive approach will be beneficial overall," co-administrator Jemtal Oermann added. "The big problem is that we are centralized to Schallsea, so we can't reach the vast public. We're working on having some missionaries, both clerics of Mishakal and mystics, travel throughout Ansalon offering aid. There are some logistics problems, namely around having enough Citadel Guardians to protect these missionaries."

Citadel of Light officials are also pleased at the progress of the Herbarium, which has produced several herbal remedies to common maladies. "I'm pleased with Scanion Ribtickler's work," Renay said. "Since he became a druid of Chislev, he seems to have a greater connection than ever before to the plants in the Herbarium. We wouldn't doubt that he comes up with the right herbal remedy for the common cold."

Health screenings have already begun. For more information, contact Cassandra Renay or Jemtal Oermann at the Citadel of Light.