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Ultimate Dragonlance!

Posted on 4/1/2008

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According to a press release today, the Dragonlance setting will be going through a reset, with a major facelift. "We've seen how well Marvel Comics has done with their Ultimates line. We wanted to do the same," corporate spokesperson Marion Twombly said. "We're re-launching the entire setting with the Ultimate Dragonlance Chronicles."

Many changes are in store for the Heroes of the Lance. In the interest of reaching out to a broader, more open-minded audience, Tanis has a new love interest – Gilthanas. The controversial move is slated to demonstrate the diverging parts of Tanis' multi-ethnic heritage and divided soul, including his own sexual identity.

Other changes are in store as well. Caramon comes to realize that his womanizing comes with a price, Goldmoon leads a group of protestors, Theros champions the physically challenged, Riverwind shows his love of dance, and Raistlin undergoes counseling.

Perhaps the most controversial move is the return of Huma during the War of the Lance. "Marvel struck gold when they brought back Bucky as the Winter Soldier. If they can bring back Bucky, we can bring back Huma. Imagine the first Hero of the Lance fighting side-by-side with the modern-day Heroes of the Lance! Of course, we had to drop Sturm, but we've replaced him with a spunky female knight named Storm! She becomes Huma's squire."

Dragons of Extreme Twilight hits shelves this fall.