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GenCon 2003 Update!

Posted on 7/26/2003

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Straight from the Dragonlance Q&A at GenCon 2003, here's a quick summary of the updates that you might be interested in. We'll hopefully expand on these in more detail in the near future, but it's late and I've got an early event tomorrow morning. So, on to the update...

You can also view the Q&A session in its entirety, courtesy of Virtual GenCon.

  • Elven Nations will be reprinted! The trilogy is slated for a fall 2004 release. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, which was one of the factors in determining whether or not to reprint it.
  • Roaring Studios ( showcased some of the work they've done for their first 'graphic novel' Dragonlance product, which will be an adaptation of The Legend of Huma.
  • Richard Knaak recently submitted the manuscript for Tides of Blood, part 2 of the Minotaur trilogy to the editors at Wizards. Look for that sometime next year.
  • There will be a War of the Lance gaming supplement from Sovereign Press in hardcover, currently slated for August of 2004.
  • Doug Niles is working on a book called Wizards Conclave, based on an original outline by Margaret Weis and other DL authors. It covers the future (and conflict) between Wizards of High Sorcery and the primal sorcery shortly after the War of Souls. Slated for sometime in 2004. He's also concepting a trilogy on Solamnia and its future, possibly under a single ruler or king; the first book is a possible release for fall 2004.
  • Sovereign Press will also be publishing a racial sourcebook, which has a release date yet to be determined. Rumored inclusions are the tinker gnomes and the gnome creation rules.
  • Update from Peter Archer on the DL Movie: a major studio has an option out on a Dragonlance movie. They have produced a script based on Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This is not the same studio that released the Dungeons & Dragons movie, and the studio has expressed interest in involving both Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in the project.
  • From Jamie Chambers: there will be an intro to the Dragonlance setting box set for those fans new to Dragonlance roleplaying, scheduled for release in Q1 2004. The set will likely include rules, dice, maps, and everything else you need to get started. Also, look for the forthcoming The Towers of High Sorcery in January 04, which will cover all 5 towers.
  • In addition to her new novel published by Tor books, Mistress of Dragons, Margaret Weis will soon begin work on the Dark Disciple trilogy that will continue Mina's story. Currently, she's working on the manuscript for the sequel to Mistress, titled The Dragon's Son.
  • Tracy Hickman and Laura Curtis are working on the forthcoming Bronze Canticles storyline for Time Warner books. Book one, Mystic Warrior should be available in April 2004 with Matt Stawicki cover art. There will also be a game product designed for the setting and published by Fast Forward Entertainment with the involvement of Jamie Chambers.
  • Speaking of Jamie, Sovereign Press also has a sourcebook on the empire of Istar tentatively planned, which will likely include contributions from Kingpriest trilogy author Chris Pierson. Additionally, Sovereign Press will be publishing a game product based on the Legends trilogy, the first of its kind, sometime in 2004.
  • The Annotated Legends will be available in September, and will include an appendix authored by Tracy Hickman explaining the time travel and the Raistlin/Fistandantilus dual personality.
  • There is still the possibility of a Taladas trilogy, though no decision on the author or whether or not the project will go forward has been made. Sovereign Press said that if such a trilogy occurs that they will support it will follow-up game product.

Look for photos from the event and more details as they become available from!