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Delphon is a large sprawling city located in the northeastern reaches of the nation of Khur, northwards of the Khurman Sea. The city is the ancestral home of the Weya-Lu Tribe, and is ruled by the khan of the Weya-Lu. Delphon is the second largest city in all of Khur, and is set between three immense sandstone cliffs. Carved into the cliffs is an opening that leads to the remains of an ancient ogre fortress.

Settlement TypeLarge City
ProvinceWeya-Lu Khanate
LeaderKhan of the Weya-Lu
Population352 AC - 11,751
422 AC - 18,751

The buildings are Delphon are constructed from sandstone, and marble towers are dotted throughout the city. Dams, aqueducts and canals line the streets, whilst a series of underground springs provide water for the inhabitants of the city.

During the War of the Lance, Delphon was marched upon by the Green Dragonarmy and the Khur Tribe. The forces of the Dragonarmies remained in Delphon long after the war, many of which took up residence in the city and integrated themselves into the culture and society. The Khur tribe's influence quickly dissipated and the Weya-Lu resumed control once more after the war, further consolidating their power over their city in the Age of Mortals.

Buildings of Delphon

Fort Kyre
Hidden Garden Cafe
Kham el Rugs
Tower of the Eye


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