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Mikku Tribe

Article written by Uziel

The Mikku Tribe is one of the tribes of the Nomads of Khur, and hails from the northern parts of the realm of Khur. The tribe is known to possess strong warriors who in the past have hired themselves out as mercenaries to the Nerakans. The Mikku have a bawdy bear as their totem, whilst their war banner normally depicts a scorpion on a field of yellow. The fierce Mikku are lovers of music and dancing, and many a rogue can be counted amongst the tribe's members. The ancestral city of the Mikku is Ak-Khurman, which is where their khan is normally based.

The tribe was first formed by Mikku, fifth son of the great chieftain Keja. The Mikku have long acted as a neutral tribe, serving both the Khan of Khur, as well as Nerakans and whoever else can line their pockets.


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