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Khur Tribe

Article written by Uziel

The Khur Tribe is one of the tribes of the Nomads of Khur, and is the tribe from which traditionally the Khan of Khur is selected. The members of the Khur tribe dwell in the cities of the nation of Khur, rather than live out nomadic existences, and have a coiled dragon as the tribal totem.

The lands of the Khur tribe extend from the eastern reaches of the nation to the sea, and they are centred around the city of Khuri-Khan. The tribe was first formed by Garmac, first son of the great chieftain Keja. Over the years the tribe has forged alliances with the Dragonarmies, the Knights of Neraka, and in more recent times the Elves under Gilthas Pathfinder, to ensure they remain strong and in power.


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