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Finn (? AC – ? AC) was a male Qualinesti Elf who was the leader of a party of rangers known as Finn's Nightmare Company, and the scourge of the Dragonarmies in the region between Qualinesti and the Kharolis Mountains. The elf was tall and thin, with blue eyes and a normally serious demeanor.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
RaceQualinesti Elf
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorBlue
Children1 son

The rangerlord was originally from Qualinesti, where he lived happily with his wife and son, until the day that a band of marauding Draconians came and slaughtered them. Finn swore to rid the world of draconians and do everything possible to see the destruction of the Dragonarmies, and formed a band of rangers which he called his Nightmare Company. The band was formed of Elves and Humans who were disgruntled with the dark armies, and wanted to see them destroyed. Finn and his band patrolled the border of Qualinesti that was alongside the Kharolis Mountains.

In 351 AC, two of his rangers, Tyorl and Hauk went into the town of Long Ridge, and Hauk suddenly disappeared. Tyorl found his way back to Finn and his band, with the girl Kelida, the Kender Lavim Springtoe, and the Dwarf Stanach Hammerfell in tow. He told the rangerlord that he had learnt Hauk had been captured and taken to Thorbardin, and Finn and his band decided to seek out and rescue their fellow ranger. The band was ambushed by the Gray Herald and the Black Dragon Darkknight, which resulted in Stanach killing the Gray Herald, however he and Kelida were kidnapped by Darkknight and forcibly taken to Theibardin, where they were also made prisoners of the Theiwar and found Hauk still alive.

Meanwhile Tyorl, Lavim, Finn and his band continued on their way to Thorbardin, where they eventually made it through to Northgate. Stanach, Kelida and Hauk found the means to escape their captors and reached Northgate, where they defended Hornfel Thane of the Hylar against Realgar's assassins, and were reunited with Tyorl, Lavim and Finn. Tyorl, Lavim and Finn's rangers defended Hornfel and their friends; however Tyorl took a blow that was intended for Hornfel, saving the thane. Realgar was ultimately defeated and fell to his death; however the elf died soon after from his wound.

Finn and his band returned to defending the borders of Qualinesti once more, saddened by the loss of several rangers during the fighting.


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