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Book of Arcane Lore and Power

Article written by Uziel

The Book of Arcane Lore and Power was the spellbook of a Black-Robed Wizard that had its title stamped on silver on a black binding. At the four corners of the book was the symbol of the Eye, which was decorated with a gold leaf, and runes covered the book. A red ribbon marker was placed inside the book.

The War Wizard Horkin claimed the book from an enemy in 343 AC who left it on the battlefield. The book turned out to be a deadly trap that exploded only when opened and a certain number of pages had been turned. The plan was for Horkin to return to the Army of the Mad Baron and open the book, where not only the mage would be killed, but only a significant number of his fellow soldiers.

Fortunately for Horkin, he never opened the book, and Raistlin Majere uncovered the truth about the trap in 348 AC.


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