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Harkiel the Bender

Article written by Uziel

Harkiel the Bender (? AC - ? AC) was a female Red Dragon who was a keen follower of Takhisis and one of her most influential servants in the War of the Lance. She is recognised as one of the three individuals, along with Wyrllish Parkane and Harrawell Dracart, responsible for originally creating the Draconians through the corruption of Metallic Dragon eggs. Prior to creating draconians, Harkiel was the dragon who flew to the Dragon Isles in 296 AC and exacted the Oath of Neutrality from the Metallic Dragons, keeping them out of the war.

AliasHarkiel the Bender
Burner of Copper Scales
Birth? PC
Death? AC
RaceRed Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

The dragon was known to be extremely intelligent and evil, even amongst other servants of darkness. She was sleek and magnificent in her youth, however over time spent in Sanction creating the draconians, Harkiel sickened and started to wither away from a wasting disease.

Kender Tales

In some accounts, Harkiel has been recorded as a male; however the dragon was most definitely a female.


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