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Temple of Luerkhisis

Article written by Uziel

The Temple of Luerkhisis is a large temple located in the northeast part of Sanction, and is carved into the base of Mount Thunderhorn, one of the Lords of Doom. The temple was built in the early part of the Age of Despair, allegedly to honor a volcano god, but in truth it was built by secret followers of Takhisis. The temple was claimed by Ariakas at one point, and is where the lord of the Dragonarmies resided for most of the War of the Lance. The dark temple had a series of chambers and altars set beneath ground level, and the upper part of temple is carved to resemble the head of a dragon. The nostrils of the dragon formed the entrance, whilst the two large teeth were observation towers. The outer part of the temple was protected by large iron doors, which kept out most intruders.

Within the temple was a vast audience chamber, which contained enormous pillars and a monstrous granite throne. The chamber was where Ariakas once presided over prisoners and guests to the temple, and a squadron of Ogres and Sivak Draconians were once stationed here. A three room suite of apartments were also set within the temple, and were the private quarters of Ariakas. The apartments were lavishly furnished, and were where Ariakas often took his female guests, and also where he kept the key to his treasure chamber.

In the depths of the temple was a hall of learning, which held tomes of worship of Takhisis. The library was a centre of learning for dark priests and acolytes of the goddess. The dark heart of the temple itself was the dens of corruption, set in the darkest depths of the subterranean centre of the temple. Several chambers were set down here, as the residences for Harrawell Dracart and Wyrllish Parkane. A large dark altar was also setup here, and was where Dracart, Parkane and Harkiel the Bender would create Draconians. During the War of the Lance, the entry room leading to the altar was guarded by a Copper Dragon called Cymbal, who was duped by Ariakas into guarding the altar for fear of what would be done to the eggs. The poor dragon did not realise that the dark servants were corrupting the eggs anyway and performing a ritual on them to create draconians.

With the war well underway, the temple was finally penetrated and the truth about the draconian process discovered by Gilthanas Kanan and Silvara, who relayed the news back to the Metallic Dragons. Then in the closing stages of the War of the Lance, the temple was destroyed by metallic dragons when they retrieved the remaining uncorrupted dragon eggs. The temple has been in ruins ever since.


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