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Immolatus (? PC – 348 AC) was a male Red Dragon who was a powerful servant of Takhisis, that joined her cause in the Third Dragon War, but was greatly wounded by a Dragonlance. The dragon barely escaped with his life, but on return to his cave, found that all of his treasure had been stolen during his absence. Immolatus was measured at over forty feet in length, had reddish eyes, a long sinuous tail and a spiked black mane.

Birth? PC
Death348 AC
RaceRed Dragon
Eye ColorRed

Immolatus slumbered after the war and his wounds healed, but when Takhisis came in spirit form to wake him in 341 AC, he ignored his Queen, having tired of her requests and returned to him slumber. However in 348 AC, the dragon was woken by Kitiara Uth Matar, who had been given the task of recruiting Immolatus for the Dragonarmies by Ariakas. Kitiara succeeded in convincing Immolatus that he was sorely needed and that he needed to travel back to Sanction with her in human form, to keep his true identity secret. In Sanction, Ariakas informed Kitiara and Immolatus that he needed them to travel to the town of Hope's End, where it was believed that some Metallic Dragon eggs were stored. The pair was to locate the eggs and provide intelligence on the number and type, so that they could be recovered and used to create Draconians. The pair set forth and quickly reached Hope's End, where the dragon began searching for the eggs and detected that they lay within the Temple of Paladine in the town. Immolatus informed Kitiara that the god of good would not allow him to enter, and ordered Kitiara to enter, whilst he returned to the camp of Commander Kholos, who was a Regimental Commander that served under Ariakas.

In the camp, Immolatus a young wizard by the name of Raistlin Majere, who bore the Staff of Magius. The dragon was intrigued by the staff, having known Magius himself as an enemy during the Third Dragon War, and Raistlin lied to him that he came to bear the staff as it was handed down through his family. Immolatus assumed Raistlin must be a direct descendant of Magius himself, and swore to recover the staff as well as kill Raistlin with it soon enough, whilst also keeping his true identity a secret. When Kitiara returned to camp and informed the dragon that she had found the eggs and that they were to return to Ariakas, the dragon scoffed, telling her that he would instead destroy the eggs, via the secret route in the mountains to the temple.

Immolatus then journeyed into the mountains, and learnt that he was being trailed by Kitiara. The dragon also encountered the young Raistlin and his brother Caramon in the mountains, with the young mage unleashing the magic of the Staff of Magius when he was attacked. The dragon was momentarily stunned, and Kitiara drove her sword into his back and shattered his spine. In his dying moments, Immolatus changed from human form into that of a dragon, to bring down the mountain on all his foes, however Kitiara and the Majere twins all escaped the destruction.


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