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Antimodes (ca. 282 AC - ? AC) was a male Human who was a high ranking White-Robed wizard during the Age of Despair. He was a close friend of Par-Salian, and known as the mage that discovered Raistlin Majere and served as his sponsor during his formative years in studying magic. The mage originally hailed from Port Balifor, and was the youngest son of a middle-class merchant family, who were well regarded tailors. Antimodes was often dressed in richly tailored clothes, rather than the traditional white robes of his order, and often travelled atop his beloved donkey Jenny.

Birth282 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationWhite Robe
SiblingsTwo elder siblings

In his early years, Antimodes was forced by his parents into taking up the family business. He bore numerous pinpricks on his middle finger of his right hand, as testament to his attempts to progress with the trade, but ultimately he developed a love for magic and would become a high ranking wizard of the White Robes. When Antimodes took the Test of High Sorcery, he met a young Par-Salian in the antechamber who was also about to take the Test, and the pair became firm friends.

Raistlin Majere

In 332 AC, Antimodes was requested by Par-Salian to travel overland from Port Balifor to the Tower of Wayreth and look for new talent along the way. In the town of Solace, the mage was approached by a young Kitiara Uth Matar, who discovered he was a wizard and dragged her younger half-brother Raistlin before him to learn magic. The mage was suitably impressed by the young man, organising funds to have him enrolled in the magic school at Poolbottom. Antimodes then travelled on to the Tower of Wayreth to give his report to Par-Salian on the political machinations at work throughout Ansalon. Through the next decade, Antimodes continued to pay for Raistlin's tuition, occasionally checking on his progress. When Raistlin took his Test in 347 AC, Antimodes was horrified to learn that the mage killed an illusion of his brother during the ordeal, and was equally mad at Par-Salian about organising the Test in this fashion. Afterwards, Raistlin petitioned Antimodes to serve as his apprentice; however the archmage refused him, telling him he never took apprentices.

Antimodes then rode with Raistlin and his twin brother Caramon Majere to the town of Haven, before passing on a letter of introduction to Ivor of Langtree to the twins, advising them to sign on the Baron's army to garner some experience.


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