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Bone Acolyte (Chemosh)

Article written by Uziel

Bone Acolytes are mortal servants of the god Chemosh, which are covered in bone armor and possess a number of deadly powers. These dark servants were originally brought about by Chemosh during the Age of Dreams, and wrought terrible destruction and death in their god's name, until a unified force of warriors and wizards destroyed them all. However in the Age of Mortals, Chemosh has determined to recruit more mortals to serve him as Bone Acolytes.

Mortals that wish to become Bone Acolytes normally must go through a process to prove themselves worthy. First they must sacrifice another mortal to the God of Death, and they must then boil the flesh. During a subsequent ritual the bones of the sacrificial victim are shaped into what will ultimately become the acolyte's armor. The acolyte must then pledge their life to Chemosh, and if successful, the God of Death will kill them, and quickly raise them to life as a Bone Acolyte. In special circumstances, Chemosh will directly raise Bone Acolytes without need for sacrifices or crafting of bones.

Without their bone armor, Bone Acolytes look exactly as they did prior to the ritual, except for a tattooed skull above their heart. When wearing their armor, whitish-yellow bones jut out around most of their joints to give them a hellish appearance.

Bone Acolytes can summon or dismiss their armor with a simple prayer to their dark god. The armor provides protection against most basic physical attacks and enhances the strength of the wearer. Bone Acolytes also gain a skill called boneshaping, with allows them to grow their armor at will, allowing them to grow bone swords from their wrists, impale enemies on their armor if they embrace them, and all sorts of other attacks. When a master of boneshaping, Bone Acolytes can break the bones of their foes from a distance, however this skill can be defeated by anyone of strong will. The most powerful Bone Acolytes are able to liquefy the bones of their enemies, killing them instantly; however this skill can only be used rarely and is extremely difficult to master. Bone Acolytes often command Bone Warriors, however if they lose control of the Bone Warriors for any reason, they will almost certainly be killed by the undead servants of Chemosh.


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