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Bone Warrior

Article written by Uziel

Bone Warriors are Undead servants of the god Chemosh, which are covered in bone armor and extremely difficult to control. They can be summoned to do the bidding of mortals, however if they are not controlled by someone with an extremely strong will, then they will go on a rampage killing everything living in sight, including the summoner.

NameBone Warrior
TypeMagical Beast

Bone Warriors are created by Chemosh from the souls of fighters who are seething with hatred against their enemies on the battlefield. When these souls pass through the Hall of Souls Passing, the god offers them the chance to return to the land of the living and wreak vengeance on their foes. If the soul agrees to the offer, then Chemosh turns them into a Bone Warrior to serve him. Warriors of any alignment can become Bone Warriors, if they agree to the God of Death's terms.

Chemosh allows the soul to retain all the fighting skills it had in life, and then turns the bones of the resurrected fighter to be outward facing to form a hard carapace. The soul feels every part of the pain that this process involves, to keep their rage securely in place. The Bone Warriors exists in a state of utter agony, can understand any languages it knew in life, but cannot speak. These warriors of Chemosh know only hatred of all things living, and a strong desire to extinguish all life. Normally Bone Warriors are commanded by a Bone Acolyte.

Both edged weapons and magic that affects the mind do little to affect Bone Warriors, although blunt weapons inflict damage. However most damage inflicted is ignored by the Bone Warrior, due to their mindless rage.


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