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Castle Beloved

Article written by Uziel

Castle Beloved is a keep built on a high promontory on the Sombre Coast which looks towards the Blood Sea. The castle is located one hundred and fifty miles from Flotsam, and only fifty miles from the Tower of the Blood Sea. The original fortification was decimated by a Dragon, however it was taken over by Chemosh during the Age of Mortals, to be used as a base of operations and to store artifacts he claimed from the Tower of the Blood Sea.

The God of Death reformed the walls from abyssal rock, which were stronger than any other known substance, and could even withstand blows from another god. He then constructed four watchtowers, one on each corner, and also built an inner wall and outer wall around the castle. No actual gates are located anywhere around the castle, and the only access is via a magical portal set into the northern wall, which is controlled by Chemosh himself.


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