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The Thanoi, also called Walrus Men, are a barbarian race of walrus-folk that live south of Ansalon in Icereach, and as of the rise of power of the Dragon Overlord Frost they can be found in Southern Ergoth. Thanoi speak the Thanoi Language, and some can speak Common. They are not overly intelligent, but are strong and immune to cold.

A typical thanoi male can stand up to 8 feet in height, but since they usually walk in a hunch with bent knees they look shorter. Walking this way allows for a thanoi to negotiate the terrain of Icereach. Females, on the other hand, will only stand about 6 feet in height. Both sexes can have tusks that reach two feet in length, with many rows of blunt teeth that can crush even bone and shell, and a bristling mustache on their upper lip. These tusks will be removed when a thanoi is shamed. They both have a thick, blubbery grey hide, clawed feet and hands, and most wear no clothing at all other than maybe a belt to carry tools and weapons.

The origins of the Thanoi are still debated to this day. Some scholars believe them to be a Graygem offshoot of the Ogres, while others suggested that they were linked to Minotaurs in some way.

Thanoi society live in a nomadic tribal groups, and migrate across Icereach with the patterns of fish and wild game. They claim all of Icereach as their homeland, and will battle both the Icefolk and the Ursoi that dwell there. They have no permanent settlements, but as they migrate will create camps. These camps have crude ice shelter, pens for captured game, trenches, and an area for their polar bears.

The strongest and largest thanoi will always lead a tribe. They hold this position of chieftain until another overthrows him. The chieftain will put relatives in places of power in the tribe, and will call upon them to defend him if a challenger arises. A challenger will usually rise up in the leaner times of the year. Sometimes the challenger is a family member, and the chieftain will find himself without the needed backing. A thanoi chieftain is the only one that may have more than one wife, and will acquire them as his lieutenants die off and leave their wife behind. The chieftain can order her to couple with another bull.

The thanoi are not religious, but do have spellcasters that they call Kagogs. the kagogs are given respect since most thanoi fear the unknown. Thanoi also have few allies, but many enemies. The only time a thanoi has an ally is usually they are under the command of a powerful lord such as Highlord Feal-Thas, Frost, or Ice and Freeze. They will always fight with the Icefolk and now with the ursoi that have moved into their territory.


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