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Lleu Mason

Article written by Uziel

Lleu Mason (402 AC - 422 AC) was a male Human who hailed from the realm of Abanasinia. As a young man, he travelled to the nation of Solamnia with dreams of becoming a soldier, but instead found a calling with the clergy of Kiri-Jolith. Lleu became a cleric of Kiri-Jolith thereafter and returned to Abanasinia. The young cleric was strong of build, with shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes, and was the youngest child in his family.

NameLleu Mason
Birth402 AC
Death422 AC
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationPriest of Kiri-Jolith /
Beloved of Chemosh
SiblingsRhys Mason, Bran Mason

In 422 AC, Lleu found himself in the town of Staughton where he encountered Mina, who was now the High Priestess of Chemosh. Mina lured Lleu into becoming a Beloved, kissing him on the chest and leaving the brand of Chemosh forever in that location. The young cleric then was ousted from his faith for breaking too many rules of the church and set about poisoning a number of people, including his parents, and several Monks of Majere. Lleu then set about travelling from town to town, recruiting more people to serve Chemosh amongst his Beloved.

However a few months later and following a series of murders, Lleu was tracked down by his brother Rhys Mason and his companion Nightshade Pricklypear in the town of New Ports. Lleu had lost all memory of his brother and family, remembering only Mina. He begged Mina to be released from being a servant of Chemosh, however she refused to do anything. Lleu then set about wooing a young woman called Camille, and tried to convince her to become his wife and serve Chemosh.

On realising that Lleu was a servant of Chemosh, the previously smitten woman tried to escape, but Lleu tried to force her to enter the God of Death's service. Camille's son Jeremy tried to defend his mother and lay a hand on Lleu, which caused the Beloved to rot away and be destroyed almost instantly.


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