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Dead Queen

Article written by Chronamut

The Dead Queen, also referred to as the Dark Queen (not to be confused with Takhisis). First she was alive and vigorous, then dying, then rising up from the shards of her burial bones, her subjects quaking before her.

NameDead Queen
AliasDark Queen
Birth? PC
Death? PC
RaceHigh Ogre
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationQueen of the High Ogres

The story recants as this: Once there was a dark and terrible queen- she had ruled in the beginning, when everything was still new, and that she was more beautiful and cunning than any Ogre ever born. Suspecting that the nobles were scheming against her - she announced her own death and then waited in the shadows to see who would mourn her loss, and who would celebrate. She then killed all who didn't mourn quite convincingly enough and left few to mourn their losses. Three of the present royal families, unswervingly loyal supporters of the queen came to power at this time. A favourite story of Khallayne Talanador's which she loved so much she had embroidered onto her vestrobe.


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