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High Ogres

Article written by Chronamut

High Ogres, also referred to by scholars as Proto-Ogres and Ur-Ogres, were the first of the star children given form by the pantheon of dark gods. These stony creatures were gifted first with immortality, and unsurpassed beauty and intelligence. Watchers of the darkness they were cast down from the heavens to rules the world. They made the lofty Khalkist Mountains their home, the highest land, so that they could oversee all.

A female High Ogre by Chronamut.
A female High Ogre by Chronamut.
NameHigh Ogre

High ogres considered themselves to be the "chosen of the gods" - they believed the gods sent them down to rule over the lesser races and animals. The High ogres were dark creatures, who considered elves too humble to be cowed as slaves, and humans as slow and ugly, and only fit as slaves.

High Ogres have an incredibly long lifespan - 100 years for a Human was an entire lifetime. 100 Years for an Elf was a fraction of a lifetime. 100 years for a High Ogre was a pittance of time. A general lifespan of a High Ogre consists of 2500 years. The age difference between a human and a High Ogre is generally for every 10 years a Human ages a High Ogre ages that amount in 100 years.

However, with the exception of the Keeper of the History, no High ogres are allowed to live to an age where they become a burden, and are thus given an "Honourable Death".

High Ogres are the tallest of all the races, standing at least 3 hands taller than the tallest human. Their skin tones have a wide range of colours, from sky blue, to sea green, to dark emerald and sapphire, Royal blues, midnight blues, navy blues, indigos, olive green and even black. In addition of this their skin complexion has an iridescent pearly sheen over their initial colour, resulting in a vibrant, healthy, gem-like complexion.

The garments of the High Ogres are extravagant and involve liberal decorations of gold and copper, and the myriad amounts of gems they have their slaves mine from the ground, fashioned into jewellery. Their homes are also decorated with extravagant elven finery, and their houses and cities are built using human slaves.

The High Ogres are seen as cruel and ruthless to other races, but in their own closed society they simply cannot think any other way. They are born as evil creatures, arrogant, proud and greedy. Being kind and compassionate to anyone that isn't an Ogre is such an alien concept that most Ogres can not wrap their minds around it. Freeing a slave was even more of a Heresy. Humans are meant to be cowed, and nothing more. Their well-being was not of importance.

The High Ogre clans once rivalled each other in chaos Under one King, until the more powerful clans united and drove the weaker clans to the outlying regions of the empire. The further diminished rival clan's influence by diminishing their land rights. Eventually 5 Royal families rose to permanent power and a caste system was born - those did not earn rankings - they were born to it, with no hope of advancement.

The High ogres were ruled by one representative from each ruling royal family in the colours of pale yellow, robins egg blue, silver on white, a deep rust colour and a ruby red. Their names were Igraine, Teragrym, Anel, Enna, and Narran.

All the History of the High ogres was recorded through song, as are most aspects of their lives. This was recited orally at every occasion by the Keeper (or singer) of the History. The Keepers have been alive since the beginning of time, and pass on the gift from person to person. All High Ogres with the exception of a few can sing beautifully. Their language consists almost entirely of song.

Up until the rebellion of humans against High Ogres - the only natural enemies of the High Ogres, or "Old Ones" were the Disr - underground creatures with crescent shaped claws, pasty green flesh and armored plates covering their whole body. They walk on all fours.

Magic in the Ogre society was so vital that even the lowest Caste of High Ogre was allowed to use magic for menial tasks like lighting candles and starting fireplace fires. All High Ogres are capable of using magic. However, only those of Royal blood are allowed to practice magic until their full potential was realized - anyone else was cut off after they meet a certain magical skill.

High Ogre magic was drastically different than that of a human. While a human has to rely on incantations to perform their arcane art, all a High Ogre has to do was think about what they want to happen and it will be done. Getting to a powerful stage of this generally takes at least 200 years.

High Ogre laws are ruthless and direct. Disobedience of these laws for any reason is to be confronted with death, for slaves and High Ogres alike. These include reasons such as treason, heresy, and using high levels of magic and not being part of a royal household.

The High Ogres worship only the Dark Pantheon of Gods, the most common being Hiddukel for Merchants, Takhisis for Mages, and Sargonnas for Warriors. They have a place called the " Cave of the Gods" which was a cave with a maze of passageways with 3 entrances - traversing through these corridors will always bring you back out one of these entrances, and through that the answer of the god is given.

While High ogres possessed unmatched power, fighting skills, longevity, music and beauty, they actually don't have many skills of their own anymore. As artisans they have all but none. All their grandeur is either through forcing slaves to create it or by stealing it from the elves. They are conquerors and thieves, and not much else. This opulence with not having to ever do anything corrupted their civilization, leaving them without any sense of relevance in their lives, and resorting to cruelty and dictatorship. Eventually their human slaves revolted against their master's cruelty and vengeance, slaughtering countless High Ogres, which triggered their fall from grace - a gradual decay of High Ogre generations that eventually left them as the savage yellow skinned tusked monstrosities they are today.


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