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The Herald (Master Lor)

Article written by Trampas Whiteman & Uziel

Master Lor (355 AC - ? AC) was a male Human who is a mysterious sage that is rumored to be The Herald. He was born in 355 AC as the son of Lady Egil and a Solace councillor, who lived in the town of {Solace in the realm of Abanasinia. Lor had pale yellow hair (now gray) and was described as having the face of an angel. He was remarkably intelligent by the age of three and even the clerics of Paladine occasionally spoke to him, believing him destined for great things. Lor was believed to be prescient and able to divine paths into the future.

AliasThe Herald
Birth355 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorSandy-Blonde
Eye ColorUnknown

The Missing Master Lor

In 358 AC, at only the tender age of three, the young Lor wandered south of Solace into the woods, after trying to feed bread to a deer that scampered away, and then following the creature. He wandered through the woods and into the mountains, sending his mother into a state when she discovered her son was missing. Egil hired a band of adventurers to find and recover her son, before anything happened to him. The adventurers found Lor in the mountains where he was being taunted by a bunch of Goblins. The adventurers slew the goblins and returned Lor to his parents.

Hark, the Herald

Nothing was heard of the young Master Lor for many years, until the dawn of the Age of Mortals. In the year 386 AC, this "singer of songs and teller of tales" began to appear at inns, gatherings, festivals, and celebrations across Ansalon.

The Herald would claim to have no recollections of his own past. Before each tale, he would tell his audience, "My memories are those of Krynn. Her history is my life." The Herald's stories have been known to occasionally clash with popular opinion, but they are regarded as being completely accurate. His stories are so descriptive that his audiences feel as if they have lived the experiences he tells of.

The Herald dresses in traditional bard's clothing, criss-crossing the continent of Ansalon. He is never seen travelling from one placing to another, instead appearing to leave one town and mysteriously showing up at the next in a day or two, arriving as his audience has gathered. Oddly enough, the Herald has no known schedule; people just seem to know when he's going to show up.

The Herald visits within days of events of local or global significance. His tales are filled with lessons designed to comfort townsfolk and prepare them for upcoming events, or with advice on how to avoid an oncoming catastrophe. He is also known for giving advice to important individuals.

The Herald is followed by students known as Keepers of the Word, who study the bard for a time before branching out and telling his tales themselves.

Notable Events of the Fifth Age

The Herald appears for the first time in the Age of Mortals in 386 AC.

In the year 389 AC, the Herald appeared before a group of draconians planning on revolting against Malys. He told them tales of a community of draconians founded in Teyr, led by Kang.

In 390 AC, the Herald spoke to Dunbar Mastersmate for several days before the wizard stepped down as Master of the White Robes and mysteriously disappeared.

In 394 AC the Herald appeared in Southern Ergoth with tales of the damage White Dragons can do to the places they call home. The Herald's stories helped to save many lives when the Dragon Overlord Gellidus made Southern Ergoth his home.

It is rumored that the Herald spoke with the Kender Billee Juniper prior to her changing her name to Belladonna and claiming rulership of Hylo in 396 AC. It is said that she made this move due to the stories told to her by the Herald.

The Sylvan Key

In 421 AC, the Herald arrives at the town of Pashin, staying at the Wounded Crow, the best inn and tavern that Pashin has to offer. While there, he tells the tale of the War of Souls. Dark Knights in the audience dislike the negative portrayal of the Knights of Neraka in the Herald's tale.

Soon a riot breaks out, and the Herald is injured. A group of adventurers come to his aid. When the Herald sees them, his eyes widen as if in recognition. He claims that it was his dream of the heroes that led him to Pashin. He continues by saying that the sylvan key that is meant for the heroes has fallen into the hands of the enemy. He knows that the key plays an important part in events that the Herald cannot yet see. When asked what the key is like, all the Herald can say is that the key is not a key. This encounter with the Herald sends the heroes on a quest that ends with the death of the dragon overlord Frost.

For the remainder of the Herald's stay in Pashin, he tells tales portraying the Dark Knights in a better light.

The Herald's Identity

Though no mortal knows the true identity of the Herald, there are many theories. His childhood as Master Lor is not known to the general populace. If the bard is to be believed, he may not know of his own past either.

Some believe the Herald to be an avatar of Gilean, placed by the god on Krynn in preparation for when Gilean would have to leave the world. There was even a group who believed that the Herald was Gilean himself, secretly in disguise as a mortal for the subterfuge of breaking the oath to withdraw from the world. Whether this group remains or feels the same way after the revelations in the War of Souls is unknown.

A group of young ascetics believes the Herald to be Astinus Lorekeeper. While Bertrem would never comment on this idea publicly, he is said to have chastised his students, saying, "We are chroniclers of truth, not common rumor-mongers!"

Another popular belief was that the Herald was the living embodiment of the Tobril, given form when Gilean's constellation fell from the sky after the Summer of Chaos. This theory has since been disproved by the reappearance of Gilean's constellation in the sky.

There were also those who claimed that the Herald was none other than Raistlin Majere in disguise. According to this theory, "Who better to know all the Herald does than the Master of Past and Present?" Supporters of this theory are quick to point out similarities in dress (both wearing voluminous robes that hide their faces) and mannerisms (appearing when they are needed). As Raistlin has left the world once and for all and the Herald remains, this scenario is unlikely.

When asked about his true identity, the Herald responds, "Who I am is meaningless. What matters is who you think I am." He will then proceed to tell the tale of the town of Hallowvale.


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