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Dragonlance of Huma

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Dragonlance of Huma was the very first Dragonlance created by Duncan Ironweaver during the Third Dragon War. It is an elegant greater dragonlance that had a satin steel tip, handle polished brass with gold and silver relief, and images of dragons circling and fighting. Those of Evil alignment can not use this lance without hurting themselves in the process, a sort of burning feeling. It is very potent against any dragon or creatures of a dragon type.

This was a very unique lance in that it was the first, created for Huma Dragonbane specifically to defeat Takhisis and her Chromatic Dragons. Huma led the forces of the Knights of Solamnia and their allies in battle with the lance, slaying any that came against him. He would use the lance later by inflicting pain to Takhisis, which she had never felt. Upon the death of Huma, the lance was buried with him in Huma's Tomb.

The Heroes of the Heart would recover the lance from Huma's Tomb in 414 AC, hoping to use it to slay the Dragon Overlord Malystryx. Even though it was able to wound the great red, it did not kill her. Following the battle she took the lance back to the Peak of Malys.

In 422 AC, the Heroes of Destiny traveled to the Peak of Malys and were able to acquire the Dragonlance of Huma. The lance traveled with them from one end of Ansalon to the other and back. It was used in defeating many chromatic dragons that crossed their path in Gellidus's realm. After the defeat of Gellidus, it is unknown what became of the lance.


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