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Ram's Horn of the Elderwild

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Ram's Horn of the Elderwild was a light (about two pounds), hollow, spiraled horn, where the wide end flares into an open bell. The pointed end is carved into a mouthpiece. It is a set of two, with the Silver Dragons having one and the Pathfinder of the Kagonesti Elves having the other.

Darlantan presented one of the Ram's Horns to Kagonos when the Elf chose to protect the Grandfather Ram, whom Darlantan had taken the form of, from death by Quithas Griffontamer. Quithas was going to kill the ram for the trophy horns, but Kagonos stopped him, driving the House Elf off. Kagonos would keep the horn, and it would be passed on from Pathfinder to Pathfinder through the years. In any time of great need, a Kagonesti would simply have to sound the horn in order to summon a silver dragon to come to their aid. This is not a command though, and any dragon can refuse the call of the horn. Since there was a bond created, no silver dragon in their right mind would refuse the call.

At least twice the horn has been lost or destroyed. The first was in 14 PC when Istaran lancers invaded the Silvertrout Tribe and crushed it. It was pieced back together though. And during the Cataclym, the horn was lost in the flood, but washed back up on the shore of the Newsea where Iydahoe Pathfinder reclaimed it.

The horn is also played by a Pathfinder in times of sorrow or joy, and it speaks of promise, hope, and pride to the Kagonesti that listen. In times of danger, it will show the path to safety. It may also be used to clear the minds of elves addicted to allomanya, and destroyed Wichtlins along with stunning wichtlani creatures. Those of evil intents who have the horn in their possession, will be injured by the horn until the horn is out of their possession.

Keepers of the Horn

Silver Dragons

Lectral was the last known Hornbearer for the silver dragons before he died in 352 AC.

Kagonesti Elves

Between Callista and Iydaway, an unknown number of Pathfinders were there, the same between Iydahoe and Aracoe.

  • Kagonos Pathfinder
  • Barcalla Pathfinder
  • Callista Pathfinder
  • Iydaway Pathfinder
  • Ashtaway Pathfinder
  • Washallak Pathfinder
  • Iydahoe Pathfinder
  • Aracoe Pathfinder
  • Amara Moonhunter - Current


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