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Dragons' Graveyard

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The Dragons' Graveyard is a sacred site that is used by Metallic Dragons as their final resting place. The graveyard itself is hidden from most mortals, and accessible only by Dragons or those with the correct artifacts to open the portal. The entrance to the Dragons' Graveyard is located in the sands just off the western coast of Nordmaar, to the southwest of Pentar. The entrance to the graveyard can only be accessed at sunset, and for non-dragons, even then it can only be opened by using a Scroll of Stellar Path and using the Key of Quinari.

On accessing the graveyard, the waters part and a path is revealed in the sands that is three hundred feet wide and nine hundred feet long. At the end of the path is a vortex which leads into the hidden realm of the Dragons' Graveyard. Within the graveyard is a sea of bones, where the remains of all the types of metallic dragons lie. Above the sea of bones are floating islands, great shrines which hold the spirits of the dragons before they make their way to the Dome of Creation. The Dragons' Graveyard is a pocket dimension which floats in the Ethereal Sea and has a window which looks onto the Dome of Creation.

Age of Dreams

Following the First Dragon War, the Dragons' Graveyard was created at the behest of the metallic dragons, who sought a refuge for their dead. Habbakuk and Branchala answered their call and created the hidden realm, preventing Chromatic Dragons and even Takhisis herself from entering.

Age of Despair

At the onset of the Chaos War, the spirits of the dragons were released from the shrines and joined the fight in the Abyss against the hordes of Chaos. They also acted as spirit guides for the live dragons that fell in the battle, and then returned to the Dragons' Graveyard directly after the battle.

Age of Mortals

At the conclusion of the Chaos War, Takhisis stole the world of Krynn and inadvertently severed the connection between the Dragons' Graveyard and the Dome of Creation. Many of the skeletons held within the realm turned to dust, and the servants of Chaos invaded the realm. However the mighty dragon spirits were eventually able to destroy the minions of Chaos. With the Dragon Purge, the spirits in the graveyard could only look on helplessly as dragon spirits were enslaved and captured in dragon totems.

With the return of the gods in the War of Souls, the spirits initially rejoiced believing that their realm would be rejoined to the Dome of Creation. However whilst the fall of Takhisis was welcomed, the fall of Paladine was received with sadness, and no Dragonsinger arose that could lead the lost spirits captured in the totems to the graveyard. In 422 AC, a band of adventurers used the magical artifacts necessary to enter the Dragons' Graveyard. The adventurers defeated Caeldor the Betrayer, a servant of Chemosh and then restored the connection between the graveyard and the Dome of Creation, saving the pocket dimension from fading into the Ethereal Sea.

Areas of the Dragons' Graveyard

Gateway (Dragons' Graveyard)
Island of Ivory
Island of Mist
Island of Quinari
Island of Smoke
Island of Stone
Island of Sunset
Sea of Bones (Dragons' Graveyard)


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