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Castle Glayward

Article written by Uziel

Castle Glayward is the fortress of the Glayward family, which is located on the fringes of the Sahket Jungle, in close proximity to North Keep in the foothills of the Emerald Peaks. When the Red Dragonarmy overran Nordmaar during the War of the Lance, the family abandoned the castle and migrated to Glayward Manor outside of the occupied region instead.

The castle was first constructed on a flat mesa of basalt, however the rear half of the mesa cracked and dropped twenty feet, which led to the construction of the dungeons below the castle. A guard post and stables were also then added before the actual castle proper was even constructed. Support columns were added to the mezzanine level to ensure the castle was strengthened well enough to support its own weight.

Inside the castle, the fortress itself was a complicated layout of hallways, staircases, rooms and secret passages that seemingly ran in all directions. The gray stone walls were adorned with Solamnic heraldry, and symbols of the Knights of Solamnia. A great hall stood within the castle, where feasts and guests were often entertained when the castle was inhabited, and a raised dais at the rear of the hall had two chairs, for the Lord Knight and his lady to sit upon.


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